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Novo means “new” — and new always means to do things a little differently. NOVO is an organic supermarket that offers everything necessary for your weekly shopping in a slightly different way: Here you’ll find everything in just the measurement you desire as we offer a big part of our products unpackaged and loose. That way you can decide yourselves, how much you want or need of something and avoid unnecessary one-way packaging. Further sustainable ideas we pursue can be found in the NOVO vision.


Next to NOVO there are a handful of other supermarkets who aim to reduce packaging. We’re all part of the zero waste movement. Its goal is to reduce or avoid the production of packaging waste, to use resources responsibly and choose clever recycling and reusable solutions instead. That’s why we spare one-way packaging and replace plastic with other, more sustainable materials.


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'As for me, being a midwife, my focus is on natural wellbeing, birth and family. The support of parents during pregnancy and childhood, and the conscious handling of health issues regarding food are very important to me. This knowledge I have gathered throughout the past years as well as in my time of training to become an advisor for organic foods, I would like to share with you.'


'Through my long-time work and experience in my own trading company and the birth of our two children, I became aware of the importance of natural and healthy ingredients and products in our everyday lives. With NOVO we would like to allow more people access to good products with better packaging and thereby contribute to eco-social change in our society.'


At NOVO you’ll find everything for your weekly shopping — economically friendly, organic and mostly packaging-free. Furthermore we’d like to create a space that inspires people to live better and more consciously.


NOVO is more than just a store: it is a vivid place of exchange and learning. In this sense, we aim to be inclusive, accessible and welcoming to each and every person regardless of age, gender or language. We are open to new ideas as well as criticism, and hope to develop further together with you, our customers, in an open dialogue.


For us “Sustainability” is a holistic concept that includes economy, society and nature. With NOVO we have the opportunity to actively reduce disposable packaging. We offer organic, regional, seasonal and fair-trade products, thus supporting local structures, promote biodiversity and contribute to the protection of the environment and more climate justice.


We want to contribute to eco-social change and allow all of us to live sustainably and healthy, to get back to the roots and to come closer to nature again. For the future, we hope to be able to make the NOVO philosophy a reality in other cities in this region as well, and thereby reach more people with our idea.


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We are wholesalers and supply you with sustainable household products for your business. If you have a business, feel free to get in touch with us. In addition, we offer wholesale for loose, packaging-free food, as well as a franchise concept.